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"Juan Bautista Lara owns the farm named El Limon, where he grows Pink Bourbon. He's a member of Asociación Los Naranjos.

Asociación Los Naranjos was founded by a tight-knit group of farmers in the area surrounding the town of San Agustín, Huila. Despite the small size of the farms—2.5 hectares or less, on average—and the fact that most producers grow fewer than 12,000 trees, the coffees coming from Los Naranjos have consistently been some of the best and brightest on the cupping table, year after year.

Variety - Pink Bourbon,

Aroma - Sweet, clean and citric

Body - Medium

Flavour - Chocolate, almond, praline and savory fruit

Roast - Medium/Dark

These beans stand out in every way—from the striking pink color of their ripe coffee cherries to the sweetly complex flavor of their beans. Even in ideal growing conditions, Pink Bourbon is challenging to cultivate.

Full of flavour and taste!"

 - The Boreal Coffee Co.