SARYNA KEY Light Shampoo and Conditioner LITRE DUO

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Light Shampoo: (33.8 fl. oz/1000 ml)

sarynaKEY Damage Repair Treatment Light Shampoo contains a Shea Oil complex, a natural source of keratin which softens your hair. Our amino-acid-infused formula boosts your hair texture, adds extra strength and leaves your hair silkily-soft, healthier and radiant. Color-safe. sulfate phosphate and paraben free.

 Light Conditioner: (33.8 fl. oz/1000ml)

 sarynaKEY Shea-Butter-enriched Damage Repair Treatment Light Conditioner softens your hair more than ever before. Our product creates a protective layer which seals split ends. Our formula incorporates oil extracts which rejuvenate your hair and boost its texture whilst the amino acids add extra strength. It leaves your hair silkily-soft, ultra-protected and optimally-moisturized. Color-safe. Sulfate phosphate and paraben free.

How to Use

Light Shampoo: (33.8 fl. oz/1000 ml)

  • Wet your hair, add a little shampoo and massage well, rinse thoroughly and repeat as needed.
  • For perfect results, follow up with sarynaKEY Damage Repair Treatment Light Conditioner.

Light Conditioner: (33.8 fl. oz/1000 ml)

  • After shampooing, massage a little conditioner gently but thoroughly and leave on for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse well.